New Italian movement
for sovereignty

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Written by Luise Hemmer Pihl

  Edited by Lisbeth Kirk

Swedish / Svenska

Italiensk organisation för nationell suveränitet

Colourful Italy has always been seen
as an uncritical EU member. But now
a critical movement has been born

Italiani Liberi (Free Italy) is a new born Italian movement for sovereignty. The movement has asked the Italian Parliament to restore Italian sovereignty. While working to achieve this end, Italiani Liberi aims at obtaining a moratorium in the adoption of the euro and on the ratification of the Treaty of Nice.

Italy has always been considered as a country where no doubt about the EU existed. A few years ago, the Italians even rejoiced in paying an extraordinary tax "for Europe" to get the country's finances in order for entering the euro zone. European integration has been seen as the natural and necessary answer to the Fascist movement that governed the country from 1929 to 1943.
But one persistent woman, Professor Ida Magli, has kept up a debate through sharp analyses in lectures and in an extraordinary book, CONTRO L'EUROPA - tutto quello che non vi hanno detto di Maastricht (AGAINST EUROPE - all the things they did not tell you about Maastricht) from 1997, with several reprints.
Ida Magli is a well-known figure in Italy because of her professional work as an anthropologist. Her criticizm of European Integration is founded partly in concern for democracy, partly in a professional anxiety for the consequences of denying and eradicating the part of a people's identity, the national part.
Now, Ida Magli has taken the initiative to an EU-critical movement, Italiani Liberi (Free Italy) with a homepage, offering the Manifesto of the Movement and an article, The Italian People Don't Know They've Lost Their Sovereignty, as well as a contact address for those who want to join the movement.
The site is in Italian, English, and even for some parts in Swedish.